Category: Law and Politics

2,235 NYC Cops Assaulted in 2024

The NYPD has shared recent data detailing the rise in felony assaults against NYPD officers in 2023. There was a 18.5% rise in attacks since 2022. Union officials say increasingly

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Costco Workers In Virginia Join Teamsters

Norfolk, Va.– Costco workers in Norfolk, Va., voted overwhelmingly yesterday to join Teamsters Local 822.  The 238-worker group seeks strong representation to  improve working conditions.  “This campaign was all about

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Starbucks In Crosshairs Of The NLRB

Starbucks has become notorious for its anti-union practices and illegal union-busting efforts. One tactic that Starbucks and other companies such as Trader Joe’s have used is to close stores when

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