By Erica Varlese

Barbara Ehrenreich wrote a profile piece for the New York Times on Columbia University graduate Ai jen Poo, one of the organizers of and masterminds behind the Domestic Workers Union.

The International Fire Fighters Union has suspended all contributions to federal candidates out of frustration with the Democratic Party for not better protecting the legal rights of workers and preventing budget cuts.   

The company Karsan, who is competing against Ford and Nissan to win a contract with New York City for a new taxi cab model, has promised to create union manufacturing jobs in the city if it wins the bid.

Nearly 400 Blue Cross Blue Shield workers protested during a lock out in downtown Buffalo yesterday.

Katonah, NY based teachers are concerned about the hiring of Dr. Paul Kreutzer, an educator from Wisconsin who has made anti union comments. Some community members fear that the school board hired him as a union buster.  

Famous chef Geoffrey Zakarian filed for bankruptcy to potentially help fend off legal fees from a suit filed by workers in his Carlton Hotel based restaurant. The kitchen staff is part of a class action suit against the chef, stating that he did not pay time and a half, falsified pay records, and deducted staff meals from their paychecks that they did not receive.

Bruce Raynor announced yesterday that he was resigning as president of Workers United and as executive president of the Service Employees International Union. There is an ongoing investigation of Raynor’s handling of an expense account.



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