By Erica Varlese

The New York Times reports on the NLRB case against Boeing. According to the report, the company may have set up a non union production line in South Carolina in response to striking workers in Washington State the illegality of which hinges on whether or not the act was retaliatory.  

New York labor leaders, in conjunction with the Empire State Pride Agenda, are planning a breakfast and meeting on May 11 to discuss how LGBTQ issues affect their members as Governor Cuomo increases his efforts to legalize same sex marriage.

The National Labor Relations Board is also planning to file federal lawsuits against Arizona and South Dakota regarding laws in both states that prohibit private sector employees from unionizing via the “card check” process.

Maintenance workers at Brooklyn’s Flatbush Gardens were exposed to 20 building violations, including raw sewage, lead, and asbestos.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg declared yesterday that when the actual figures for the budget cuts are finally released it will be “very painful.” Currently, there are potentially 5,000 jobs on the line.

Figures from the Department of Labor show that New York State ranks at number 7 in employment growth throughout the country.


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