By Erica Varlese

States are hoping to raise the unemployment tax for businesses to replenish the funds used for unemployment benefits. 32 states, including New York, collectively owe the government more than $48.3 billion that will have to be repaid with interest.

Dancers in the New York City ballet are currently in negotiations regarding their contract and have brought in a federal mediator to assist with the talks.

OSHA cited Buffalo Recycling Enterprises, LLC for 15 alleged violations of health and safety standards, prompted by an incident in 2010 where an employee’s arm was severely lacerated when caught in a conveyor belt as he was attempting to clear a paper jam.  

Protestors gathered outside of Bryant Park Grill yesterday to protest Mike Duke, Walmart Chief Executive, who was addressing a forum hosted by Wall Street. Walmart is trying to open a store in New York City.

Rutgers students occupied a building yesterday to demand a tuition freeze and better wages for workers.

Today is Workers Memorial Day. There are memorial services planned across the state to remember workers who were killed or injured on the job.

The New York Taxi Workers Alliance is petitioning for a fare hike to cope with the rise in gas prices.  


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