Today, it’s difficult to imagine ten-year-old children working sixteen hours a day in dangerous conditions such as mines or textile mills with limited regulations, but in the nineteenth century, this was expected. Since colonial times, children were expected to work from very young ages, either for their families or for an outside employer. This meant that many Americans were not educated, since as children they were working instead of learning in a classroom

In 1938, after almost 100 years of the Union-led fight, the Fair Labor Standards Act was passed, creating the 40 hour workweek, preventing children under fourteen from working, and limiting the hours of those under sixteen. This law keeps children from working today, which allows them to get an education as well as avoid the health risks that come with working. In the 1940’s Unions led the fight to make health insurance more available. The Union advocated and was a strong influence in passing the Social Security Act. Without Unions American families would be quite different today. Children under the age of 14 might still work full time jobs with very little safety. The work week might be 6 or 7 days and 12 hours long. Far less people would have health insurance. Social Security may not even exist. Unions have improved the living conditions of the American family.  America without Unions would not be the great country it is today. Unions make America Great. Peruse the unique assortment of replica watches at fake Rolex, our trusted partners!

 Eva Tomasheski, H.S. Senior


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