Category: Municipal Government

NLRB in the Crosshairs

September 28, 2011By Marc BussanichRepublicans and Tea Party candidates are fighting hard for small government. Each has proposed how they would shrink or eliminate entire federal agencies to meet that

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Effective Political Messaging Needed

September 26, 2011By Marc BussanichWhile it’s important for unions to show strength when demonstrating at a rally or marching, it’s equally important for labor organizations to reach legislators by crafting

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Big Crowds for African American Day Parade

September 23, 2011By, Bendix AndersonMarching bands, precision drill teams, and parade floats rolled through the heart of Harlem for the African American Day Parade — including thousands of union members

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Local 100 Leads Transit Day of Action

September 22, 2011By Marc BussanichAs TWU 100 members, transportation advocates and elected officials were gathering on the steps of city hall yesterday September 20th, Mayor Bloomberg was seen walking quickly

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Unions Talk Electoral Strategy

September 19, 2011By Marc Bussanich Because of Anthony Wiener’s Twitter peccadilloes earlier in the summer, New York unions’ political action committees had to dedicate precious resources to the David Weprin

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Local 891 Wears Different Hats

September 16, 2011By Marc Bussanich Typically the coverage in the press regarding public schools is about teachers’ pedagogy and student performance, although the coverage these days is increasingly about teachers

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