Narcotic overuse and abuse is a nationwide epidemic, impacting all ages and demographics. In fact,   narcotic overdose is the #1 cause of accidental death in US and was recently declared a national public health emergency.  Skilled labor workers are among the hardest hit in this national healthcare crisis.

Finding solutions can seem like an insurmountable obstacle for today’s plan sponsors. MaxorPlus can help labor groups tackle the unique challenges facing skilled workers through narcotic oversight and intervention programs. Clinical review can identify and monitor potential overuse/misuse of narcotics and allows for intervention when warranted.

Through MaxAlert, MaxorPlus can conduct a daily review of high cost claims, narcotics, and other specific areas of concern from a patient safety and client cost perspective.  If a potential issue is identified, a clinical team can develop specific recommendations after conducting a thorough analysis.  This comprehensive approach centers around the development of an effective, efficient and flexible plan that focuses on the well-being of each individual member.

Through the Narcotic Case Escalation and Management Program, MaxorPlus has reduced opioid overuse by 15% for participating plans.

MaxorPlus has earned the reputation of a PBM that focuses on relationships with plan sponsors and their members, providing flexibility and customized services while delivering best-in-class care.  With a long record of working with union and labor groups, we are uniquely qualified to provide customized pharmacy benefit solutions for today’s healthcare challenges.







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