“These are unnecessary budget cuts to our public schools. They are driven by City Hall’s false political narrative that New York City is about to fall off a fiscal cliff.  Revenues are higher than expected, investment from Albany is up, and reserves are at a near-record high.

Rather than protect our public schools, City Hall proposes to cut overall funding, and on top of that, is making good on another threat by clawing back $109 million from city classrooms. That means 653 schools – 43% of the school system – will be hit now with midyear budget cuts. Class sizes will rise, and school communities will be needlessly damaged.

At a time when Albany has sent more money to New York City and has sought to correct a decades-long inequity by passing a law to lower New York City class sizes, City Hall is undermining that work by reducing support to students, educators, and school communities.” 


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