Musculoskeletal (MSK) care is so much more than just injuries or pain. MSK conditions are one of the largest and fastest growing components of healthcare spend and expected to grow. Presently, 15-20% of medical spend can be specifically associated to MSK conditions, while 50% of adults are affected by some sort of musculoskeletal condition and 80% of people with chronic pain feel they are not receiving non-surgical preventative care recommendations.

The impact of such conditions on an organization’s workforce productivity, morale, and bottom line is often overlooked.

Nimble Health is addressing these concerns by focusing on quality of life for members: improving outcomes, reducing cost, and increasing productivity. 

Nimble Health is a patient-first musculoskeletal advocacy program which identifies and engages members very early, offering clinical decision support, access to valuable digital tools, care navigation, and concierge scheduling to high-performing in-network providers. 

Nimble acts as a trusted guide to members along their entire MSK care journey.  Nimble brings the major components of the MSK journey under one solution delivering market leading engagement levels of 70%+, best in class member satisfaction in the 94-96% range, net promoter scores of 80+, significant financial savings and a very strong ROI.

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