Why is it important to review your existing infertility benefit structure?

Infertility has received a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. The CDC recently updated their statistics to reflect that 1 in 5 women are faced with infertility. Add to that the 1 in 3 cases where male-factor infertility is an issue for conception, the LGTBQ+ community, and single parents by choice, and you have many who would like to build a family but may not have the coverage to do so.

Despite this increased need, the conventional approach of going through traditional insurance is broken. Restrictive plan designs lead to compromises in care, which result in poor outcomes, increased costs, ineffective treatments, and unintended consequences. Not to mention patients receive little guidance and support through a complex and emotional journey.

Enter Progyny – a mission-driven company seeking to make anyone’s dreams of parenthood come true
through healthy, timely and supported family building journeys.

Progyny is committed to working directly with labor unions to ensure workers receive comprehensive and equitable fertility and family building coverage. We have a differentiated benefits plan design, personalized member support, an actively managed network of fertility specialists, and an integrated pharmacy experience. This allows our members to pursue effective and cost-efficient treatment to build their families, while Plans save in treatment costs and reduced high-risk maternity and NICU expenses.

Progyny’s superior solution includes:
· A bundled benefit design that covers fertility treatments from start to finish and includes all of
the latest fertility technologies
· An integrated fertility medication program
· Unlimited, personalized member support from Patient Care Advocate fertility experts
· Accessible benefit with no precertification/infertility diagnosis requirements

As part of Progyny’s promise to support labor unions and their members, and provide them with effective fertility benefits, they have assigned a specific team to the labor establishment led by Stacey Hofert, Group Vice President of Sales, Labor & Trust and myself, Ronald Abrahall, Director of Account Management, Labor & Trust. We are backed by the full support of the Progyny team and dedicated to providing value-based and comprehensive care to all the workers in need of fertility and family building services.

“There is a huge gap in support and treatment options for those labor workers impacted by infertility or in need of family building support. Progyny promises to dedicate our time and resources to helping labor employees and employers navigate the best coverage and care options for everyone’s unique fertility journey, like we have for tens of thousands of patients already.” – Pete Anevski, Progyny CEO

If interested in learning more, please contact us: Stacey Hofert, 847-372-9959 or Ron Abrahall, RN 631-294-2012

Ron Abrahall has held both elected and appointed union positions since 1982. He has served as a representative for the New York State Nurses Association, a former president of USW 9544, past President of BMFNHP AFT/ NYSUT, NYPD officer and a Neuro-Surgical Intensive Care RN.

Ron Abrahall


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