Unions had a lot of high-profile wins in 2023, from the UAW to UPS, while organizing attempts spread across the nation among workers in such mega-chains as Starbucks and smaller but high-profile stores such as REI, which calls itself a “co-op” and touts the importance of “community”. Both had branded themselves as “progressive” and a good place to work, but the reality denies that. Union-busting was fierce at both, with a host of tactics designed to dissuade employees from joining, and/or outright intimidation. Employers spent $433 million a year on “union-avoidance consultants”, who do just those things. Microsoft stands out as a company that has agreed to remain neutral if workers decide to unionize, but Amazon, Alphabet, Tesla, and many others are all notoriously anti-union companies who have racked up a host of NLRB charges trying to keep workers down.

Read the full story by Kim Kelly for Fast Company, published December 22, 2023, here:


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