A strike by 32BJ SEIU that was set to begin on Jan. 1 was halted when a tentative deal was reached between the union and the Realty Advisory Board on Labor Relations. 32BJ represents some 20,000 workers, including commercial cleaners, maintenance workers, elevator operators, porters, lobby attendants, and more. A strike would have had a major impact on buildings manned by these union members, some of whom work in the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, Rockefeller Center, and other iconic locations. The Realty Advisory Board represents building owners, managers and cleaning companies. The union members had a big win – over the life of the four-year agreement, they will keep their employer-paid health benefits, receive average annual pay raises over 3%, forestall a “second-tier” workforce, and get a $3,000 bonus upon ratification, among other benefits.

Read the full story by Richard Khavkine for The Chief-Leader, published December 28, 2023, here:,51676


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