A former paramour of married Transit Worker Local 100’s president Richard Davis has brought a lawsuit against him, accusing him of physically attacking her twice, once in 2015 and again in 2016. The woman, Nicole Hecker, said the attacks followed her raising questions about other relationships he was allegedly having with other women with the MTA. Hecker had been a bus driver when she met Davis, and rapidly rose in the union to other positions. In the initial attack, Hecker claims Davis repeatedly punched her in the face and head; in the second, she was grabbed by the hair while Davis tried to drag her to the floor of a grocery store, and dug his nails into her arm, drawing blood. A union spokesperson says that most of the union officials still support Davis and that he has no plans to step down from his post.

Read the full story by Richard Khavkine for The Chief-Leader, published December 19, 2023, here:,51616


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