Author: Joe Levine

National Employment Update

WASHINGTON, DC – Unemployment rates in 44 states and the District of Columbia either held steady or fell in May, and job growth was positive in the vast majority of

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Teachers Paying for School Supplies

WASHINGTON, DC – In a recent report from the National Center of Education Statistics, teachers in public and private schools across the country pay for their classroom supplies. This became

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NYS Combats MS-13 on Long Island

Long Island, NY – Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced $7.5 million in new initiatives to help communities combat and counteract MS-13 on Long Island. The funding will support a comprehensive,

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Illinois Bus Monitors Vote Teamsters

Westmont, Ill. – Students have become the newest members of Teamsters Local 777. “These workers have spoken loud and clear,” said Jim Glimco, President of Local 777. “They want the same

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