WASHINGTON, DC – In a landmark decision, Walmart has been ordered to stop threatening workers who support strikes or participate in union organizing activities.

Walmart has settled a long-running battle with labor activists over the stores policy of  punishing workers that support union organize activities. The agreement forces Walmart to  acknowledge it has violated federal labor law in many of its California stores.

In a National Labor Relations Board sweeping decision,  Walmart must drop an employee dress code that bans clothing bearing union insignias. In addition,  all disciplinary actions taken against six employees in its Richmond, California stores will be removed from the file.

Walmart has fought unions for years. It holds regular meetings with staff reviewing the benefits of a non-union store. It spends millions in legal actions each year in an effort to keep its 1.5 million workers from joining labor organizations.

In the California case, the NLRB concluded in 2016 that Walmart took illegal action against employees. Walmart broke the law when it punished its workers for exercising their federally protected right to peaceful protest. The agreement acknowledges that the Walmart  dress code restricting union apparel violated U.S. law. As a result, Walmart must post notices in several of its  California locations regarding changes in clothing restrictions.

Although Walmart maintains it acted lawfully,  it has agreed to take remedial action. The notices posted in the stores, as well as the chain’s employee intranet, state that store managers will stop threatening to close stores if workers join OUR Walmart. Clearly this is a huge win for OUR and unions.



9 thoughts on “Walmart Ordered to Stop Mistreating Workers”

  1. I work for walmart in salt lake city and have been mistreated since day one. I am a garden manager and have no help I have missed days of work because of being so overworked that my body has to rest. Unfair treatment to the employees by the management team. I worked 60 + hours in one week during inventory because my manager lied to me saying I would have help and never got the help. But got in trouble because I didn’t help others in their departments. I don’t know what to do I have gone to management but they say there are no hours for garden it’s so busy right now and has been for three months. Can not get my job done as a manager because I’m too busy doing freight, cleaning, markdowns, ordering, working other areas, missing days because of being overworked. In fear of losing my job because of unhealthy environment because no one can take time off when sick. This is to stressful that it’s causing health problems.

    1. Know that you are not alone I am the manager of cosmetics at my store and my frieght is left for me to run and when I can’t get my work done I get coached and threatened with having to step down and also get coached for not helping other depts!! They do not care at all about their employees!!!

  2. Hi I am a current employee at a Walmart superstore number 853 and yes they are bullies . 3 grown women will pull you into a little bitty Room just So they all can tell you one at a time what a bad, slow , Exc. worker they thank you are. When the truth is it’s just a recently promoted super pahzer chance to impress an older supervisor
    They almost on be believe in it too

  3. Walmart is the worst company in the world to work for you are given no holiday pay it’s mandatory that you work every holiday they have not given us are my show check once this year instead they’re telling the world that they’re giving us a hundred fifty to $300 for braving the coronavirus when in fact that’s all they’re giving us and they’re not giving us our my show check to I think the world should know what a bunch of feel they are then when you cash in your protected PTO s u request Aid and they only give you a 6.13 of it where did the rest go

  4. I worked for Walmart a little over 14 years and 3 months. I was harrased by 3 assistant managers and 1 co manager ever since the store manager retired a couple of years ago the place is really really bad. Yes Wal-Mart managers are worthless pieces of crap

  5. Wal-Mart has stooped to medieval scheduling that causes sleep deprivation and health problems with its overworked staff. Due to mismanagement, and a grandstand pay raise – without raising personnel budgets for the stores – W-M is now scheduling people to work at irregular shifts.
    Business might be war – but let’s not give up the Geneva Conventions! Hire enough full time workers to get the job done.

  6. Robert st.denis

    Wal-Mart fired me. Said I stole soda. Guard claimed he saw me walk out with unpaid six pack at five a m. Got hearing for unemployment. First hearing was a joke. Nothing but lies out of Wal-Mart theft prevention. Second hearing went different. Proved my age and health was real reason why I was fired. Theft prevention told judge I stole nothing. She said my health and age were brought up at meeting with Wal-Mart over my employment with them. She was fired the next day. I got my unemployment. I am 62 yrs old. Still a hard worker, they claim it’s cheaper to hire younger people.

  7. My daughter was being mistreated by unprofessional so called managers, the co manager was simply a bully and got away with everything, she literally talked about all of the employees and told all of their personal reasons for them not coming to work when they called in which was very uncalled for! My daughter put up with so much dirt and seeing how others were being mistreated so she finally put her 2 weeks notice in but after that the managers called her to the office and said she had 7 points (really) and had to leave. I hope and pray no one has to continue feeling like they have to put up with this type of treatment for a job because it is so unfair and needs to be stopped!!!!

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