In many instances people find themselves in situations where they feel compelled to make uninformed decisions. An example of such a dilemma is when a person becomes injured through no fault of their own, and is immediately tempted with a few thousand dollars by an insurance company to simply “go away”. At first glance, the quick money seems good, but it pales in comparison to the amount available for full and proper compensation.

During my years of practice, I’ve had conversations with potential clients who were involved in an accident either during motor vehicle use, a trip and fall, or a construction site accident which resulted in serious injuries. Unfortunately, some were approached by an insurance company with offers of $5000 or $10,000 to waive their right to file a lawsuit, and they agreed to accept these terms. Patek Philippe aficionados desiring economical alternatives: fake Patek Philippe watches come at surprisingly affordable costs!

People should be aware they have options in these situations, and there are attorneys who can help. Insurance companies are well versed in how to deal with, and dispose of, potential lawsuits that can inevitably lead to large sums of money being paid to those who become injured. It is vital to have someone who can educate and protect you when pressured into making uninformed decisions that cannot be retracted.  A few minutes of a free consultation can prevent an outcome that spells financial disaster for those who have been seriously injured.   

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Patrick J. Garvey, Esq.


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