NEW YORK, NY – “17 years ago, when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center firefighters and first responders across New York City did as they always do – raced to the scene to protect the lives at stake, sacrificing their health and safety for New Yorkers in need. Our commitment to saving lives at any cost, including our own, was unparalleled and an act of the truest and most selfless bravery. In the weeks after the attacks, when the death toll of emergency responders first became clear, a saying arose to capture New Yorkers’ shared gratitude: All gave some, some gave all.

Now years later, the death toll has continued to rise due to high numbers of firefighters dying due to cancers and other diseases caused by breathing toxic air at the World Trade Center. As firefighters continue to fall ill and pass away due, our refrain has shifted: All gave some, some continue to give all. Currently we count 525 brave FDNY lives lost due to 9/11.

 At this time of year our hearts and love are with all those suffering from 9/11 related health complications, and the 525 families who have lost loved ones due to the attacks. It is for their sake that we never forget what happened that day, and for their sake that we recognize the dedication of first responders at events across the city these next two weeks.

Beginning this week, there are dozens of commemorative events planned at firehouses, community spaces, and houses of worship across the city. There is no single event that can capture our gratitude and no one right way to remember first responders and their families. As long as we do our part to remember, we honor their commitment.”

***  In the 17 years since the 9/11 attacks, 182 members of the FDNY have passed away due to 9/11-related illnesses, in addition to 343 lives lost in the immediate aftermath of the attack, bringing the total number of lives lost to 525. This year alone, we have lost 16 members of the FDNY due to 9/11 related illnesses.


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