Washington DC – “Deaths on the Job, the Toll of Neglect, 2018,” is the AFL- CIO report concerning safety in the workplace. The World of Work is a dangerous place.

Unfortunately workplace fatalities, and injuries are still an everyday occurance. In 2016, 150 workers died every day. Its shocking to note that 5,190 workers were killed on the job in 2016. This was an increase over the 4,836 deaths reported in 2015. Over 50,000 workers died from occupational illnesses. Workplace violence increased in 2016 to become the second-leading cause of workplace death. A total of 833 workers lost their lives to violence.

This was an increase from 703 in 2015. Approximately 500 death occured due to workplace homicides. More than 30,000 work-hours were lost due to violence. And older workers continues to be most at risk with 1,848 deaths for those over 55. Construction continues to be the most dangerous occupation with 991 deaths in 2016 an increase over 2015.

President Trump’s lifting of safety regulations will result in a more dagerous workplace in all industries. The present administration needs to understand that the lives of American workers matter.


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