New York, NY – The Nassau County Detectives Association (NCDA) was founded in 1943 and is responsible for contract negotiations, working conditions, defending its members from disciplines, contract grievances, and legislation in Albany and Washington D.C. that affects its members. It currently has 293 active Detectives, and approximately 900 retired members. 

William Bourguignon, President of the NCDA, has a career path that exhibits his courage and resilience, through the work he has been called to do, and what he brings to his members.

LaborPress was able to find out more about his background, the Union itself, and what Bourguignon believes are the traits he possesses that form his leadership style.

LP: How did your career path in the law enforcement field begin and progress?

WB: I started out in the NYPD in 2000 as a police officer, where I worked patrol in the 103rd precinct in Jamaica, Queens for my whole career as a member of the NYPD. I’m thankful every day for the eight and a half years I spent as a city cop, it taught me so much about policing. I was hired in September of 2008 by the NCPD and was promoted to Detective in 2013. I worked in the 4th/5th Squads, 2nd Squad, Narcotics/Vice Squad, and then the Gang Investigations Squad which is where I’m currently assigned.  In early 2023 I decided to run for the Presidency and was successful. My term started 7/1/23 and runs for four years.

LP: Where are you from originally? 

WB: I grew up in Mattituck on the North Fork of Long Island.

LP: Did you come from a family or neighborhood where there were people in law enforcement that had an influence on you?   

WB: I am the first generation in Law Enforcement and I always admired the job of policing. I was inspired by a few family friends in law enforcement growing up. The camaraderie within policing was awe inspiring to me.

LP: What else contributed to your early inspirations?

WB: My mom worked three jobs to support us and raise me as a very young single mother.

LP: In your law enforcement career trajectory, what stands out to you as particularly significant?   

WB: That hard work will overcome any setbacks you may face, communication is key, and having good relationships is vital to being successful.

LP: What have been the most important victories for the union under your leadership?   –

WB: Several significant grievances are in the process of being adjudicated. They hurt our members financially, and I am making the department understand and appreciate how vital our Detectives are to ensure the citizens of Nassau County are safe.

LP: What do you feel are your strengths as a leader? 

WB: I am an honest person with humility, and compassion. I pride myself on being honest with my members even if the information/answer I’m providing them makes them mad or upset.

LP: What are the top challenges facing the union right now, and how do you envision that these can be overcome? 

WB: We have a major Detective shortage that is causing my Detectives to be extremely overworked, which is causing burn-out and horrible morale. We are budgeted for 360 Detectives but only have 293 currently, and that number is continuing to decline. Attrition, a previously negotiated negative contract provision, poor treatment by supervisors – all do not incentivize the position of Detective, and these main factors drive our shortage. The police department and the county administration have known about all of the problems hurting our division for over 20 years but they continue to kick the can down the road and apply band-aids to a major Detective shortage which is causing a public safety crisis. These factors have led many of our Detectives to actually turn their gold shield back in and return to being cops on patrol, where they have more overtime opportunities and a superior work schedule.

It is my top priority to bring as much attention to the shortage of Detectives in Nassau County. I will continue to advocate for my members and meet with Police Department brass and the county administration to force them to face this dangerous Detective shortage and address this very serious public safety crisis.

William Bourguignon, President, Nassau County Detectives Association


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