Anyone who has been listening to “the Buzz” lately, or reading Joe Maniscalco’s articles or my editorials, knows where Labor

It’s time to curb Spectrum’s anti-worker business model.

Press stands on the issue of striking Spectrum workers. If you don’t have Spectrum now, don’t order it. Don’t fall into the “give me something for only $29.95 per month” trap. Long term, it’s not a good deal.

And, if you are subscribing to Spectrum services, go to your telephone right now, call them and cancel. When they ask you why you are leaving, tell them it’s because you refuse to do business with union-busting companies. Tell them you stand in solidarity with your union brothers and sisters in the IBEW. Tell them you’re tired of big corporations running roughshod over the American worker and that they shouldn’t expect to see any more of your money any time soon.

Tom Rutledge, president and CEO of Spectrum, raked in $98 million last year. Let’s take a second to break that down and see how ridiculous that really is. For starters, it’s close to $19 million a week. It’s over $47,000 per hour. Nobody, and I repeat, nobody deserves that kind of money. Yes, that’s a value judgement, and I stand by it. I am sick to death of  those who burn candles at the shrine of  crony capitalism not being able to recognize it for what it is – greed and theft. It’s greed to take that much in excess of what you need, and it’s theft when you do it by robbing the people who work for you of their pensions and their health care.

The other day we put Mr. Rutledge on our wall of shame. He belongs there. But, he’s not the only one. Let’s put names to the other thieves that are getting rich by screwing American workers. Here are some of them at the top of the pile: John Bickham, president and chief operating officer, Christopher L. Winfrey, chief financial officer, David G. Ellen, senior executive vice president, Tom Adams, executive vice president, field operations, James Blackley executive vice president, engineering and information technology, Mike Bair, executive vice president, Spectrum Network. The list goes on and on. You can look them all up on the Spectrum website. That’s what I did.

It’s a great exercise. Stop using your computer to buy shoes and watch stupid cat videos, and start using it to benefit yourself. Just because these folks have managed to pervert the law so that they can hide behind a corporate veil, doesn’t mean they aren’t real. These are real men and women that are making the decision to ruin other people’s lives so they can get richer. E-mail these people. Snail mail them. Tell them how much you hate what their company is doing. Tell them you are on to them and you aren’t going to be quiet anymore. You might also think of telling your senator and representative in the house that you’d like some support on this. As a matter of fact, while you are at it, check to see if any of their campaign contributions come from Spectrum.

Working people need not be victims. We are the ones who build this nation, operate it, and maintain it, yet often times get the smallest share of its wealth in return. That’s not right. Don’t let anyone tell you that it is, or that it has to stay that way. It can change. Use your wallet, your technology and your voice to change it.



20 thoughts on “We Don’t Have to Let Spectrum Win”

  1. You guys should look really hard at the union on this one… The company offered big wage increases and the same benefits these execs get and 90K+ employees. Be a journalist and look at the facts. Oh now that would be news! You dont know any of the facts of the bargaining….

    1. The company proposed wage increase comes nowhere near covering the concessions they are demanding from the Union, so in fact you’re really looking at a pay decrease disguised in clever wording. They want to take away pensions and risk your retirement on a 401k that could disappear at any moment. That is not a plan. In fact Tom Rutledge and his goons have their own pensions apart from a 401k, so why should we give up our pensions? People should be asking why don’t the rest of their employees demand a pension plan as well? 401k is not something I want to gamble my last year’s on.

      1. Larry B is a company shill. He has no knowledge of the facts. He reads a script he’s been handed. Anyone with any brains knows that Charter Communications is an evil company that is screwing over union workers. I wish this liar had the courage to meet with ppl and spread these lies instead of hiding on line. I would love to educate him on the facts.

      2. Go back to work. If you were making the money these execs are making, you would be on the opposite side of the argument. Poor me, look at all these execs making all this money. Move to Mexico and then take a look at labor laws. You same people shaming execs for the money they make would be framing your paychecks. Enough already, go get a job where unions have held strong for 75 yrs and stop whining already. It’s sickening!!

    2. It appears as though you need to do your homework Larry. The so called wage increase would put me at a negative 230.00 per week after paying gor my medical insurance. That is a cut in pay. Besides we never asked for a raise. Only our pension and medical. Get your gacts straight. And Charter Spectrum has not negotiated once during this year long strike
      The position that they have taken since day 1 is a take it or leave it proposal. So agsin I say DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

      1. You guys have lost all that $$ on 11 month strike and will never make it back. Judge W just ruled it was an illegal strike so the union will write a big fat check to the company. You guys keep saying you didnt ask for acraise but we did-10% a year… there was a chance to negotiate but lance pounded the table and ran away… thought wecwould all be back in 3 days…. so we are all in this and now the union will expect $100M from company from pulling out of jib…. Where will that $$ go boys…. Everyone needs to look at this with a fresh lens

  2. The wage increases are bs anyone that says otherwise just doesn’t know what they are talking about. First off minimum wage is going to $15 they are trying to take away pensions and benefits that have been paid for by taking less in wage increases throughout the years by giving us so called wage increases that they need to give us by state law. After so called wage increase I would lose $300 a month bc of increased monthly medical premiums. That’s a wage decrease of $3600 a year. That’s not including the yearly deductibles. Those are the facts

  3. Facts of bargaining. First of all, it’s only bargaining if both parties actually negotiate. Which, Spectrum has failed to do. Fun fact, since you seem to have NO idea what you’re talking about. It’s okay though, all scabs are uneducated, that’s why the company is billions in debt with only a few million on hand.

    Okay, let’s see…Spectrum’s health plan. 90/10, 80/20, 70/30. Minimum deductible $3,000 out of pocket before said health plan kicks in. Then, 90/10, 80/20, 70,30. Doesn’t seem like a bargain to me? Need a surgery that costs 100k? Must pay 10k out of pocket as opposed to 100/d for a hospital stay on the plan that’s already implemented. We’re no math geniuses but that doesn’t seem like an increase. Decrease in medical, decrease in health.

    Wage increase. Ah, yes. With minimum wage going up to $15/h, there’s not much of an increase at all. Not much of an increase either when the alleged 55% all, 5 employees may benefit from when Spectrum uses that number, now goes to the debt they fall in from a horrible medical plan. Not everyone benefits from this “wage increase”. Matter of fact, they’re walking away with LESS money after this “contract” than they had before. Mind boggling, I know. 10, 20, 30k missing out of your salary seems more of a decrease, no?

    401k instead of a pension? Not sure if you pay attention to the stock market but that’s not reliable to retire on. There’s no promise that money will be there tomorrow, who’s to say it will be in 10 years? 20 years?

    Eliminate pensions. If Mr. Rutledge really believed in his 401k plan, why does he have a $1m a year PENSION. That doesn’t make much sense.

    Thank you for your interest and concern for something that doesn’t affect you. As previously mentioned, why are you so worried about what people are fighting for and not more interested in what crap you settle on? You worry about your own business, being Spectrums troll mascot doesn’t benefit you any.

    More fun facts!

    Charter/Spectrum promised customer’s internet speeds knowing their equipment was not capable of delivering.

    Charter/Spectrum has been disciplining their technicians over repeat service calls to customers over unobtainable Wi-Fi internet speeds.

    Charter/Spectrum is forcing technicians to install refurbished equipment not capable of maintaining internet speeds.

    Charter/Spectrrum is not providing proper training and promotions to their technicians.

    Charter/Spectrum are using subcontractors from other states in violation of the New York City Franchise Agreement.

    Charter/Spectrum proposes to reduce medical benefits for their technicians.

    Charter/Spectrum is being sued by NYS Attorney General Schneiderman for lying about their internet speed.

    Charter/Spectrum wants to eliminate Pension and Hospitalization plan contributions.

    Charter/Spectrum wants to eliminate the Educational and Cultural Trust Fund contributions. Funds will no longer will be available for employees and spouses to attend college.

    Charter/Spectrum wants to eliminate Annuity/HRA contributions, Dental, and the Company 401k.

    Charter/Spectrum wants to eliminate Social Security (FICA) which is an additional 7.65% of your salary.

    Charter/Spectrum wants to eliminate overtime pay for Saturday and Sunday.

    Charter/Spectrum wants to reduced holidays from 9 to 7 days (eliminate your birthday day and religious holiday).

    Charter/Spectrum wants to eliminate bargaining unit shifts and create shifts at their discretion at any time.

    Charter/Spectrum wants to have union members paid bi-weekly instead of weekly.

    Charter/Spectrum wants to eliminate all personal days including accrued personal days and eliminate unused payout of sick time.

    Charter/Spectrum wants to eliminate the Subcontracting Clause which will allow them to lay off employees of the company even if outside contractors are being used.

    Charter/Spectrum wants the right to subcontract out service and all bargaining unit work.

    Charter/Spectrum wants to assign any employee regardless of seniority to any work location, in the five boroughs and New Jersey, at their discretion.

    Charter/Spectrum wants to eliminate the representation of your Shop Steward.

    Please only respond with FACTS, not your opinion as you originally contributed.

  4. Christopher Palladino

    @Larry B – if it was a better deal, why wouldn’t the union take it? The union is FOR THE WORKERS. Management is for the stock price. Those are the FACTS. Don’t try to blow smoke up our ass. When your people at the bargaining table say “Over my mothers grave will we put money into the JiB”, they are failing to bargain in good faith. If your CEO can make 98.5million, why can’t the company provide the benefits that the workers have been receiving for over 20 years? Oh yea – because you’re an out of state business, not from NY, who has no idea of the area standards that have been established in New York. You can starve them, put them out of work for almost a year. But the bitterness that this country will have for Spectrum will NEVER go away. We will not forgive and we will not forget.

  5. The facts are Larry b that the wage increases don’t offset the decreases in health benefits and pension. This is not about wages this is an unfair labor strike that has to do with spectrum striping everything we had in previous contracts for the Last 30+ years. Like weekend overtime a no layoff clause using outside contractors to do in house work. No promotions for union members in any supervisory role unless you decertify from the union and come to the darkside of management. What’s the sense of giving me 2 to 3 dollars more an hour and taking away over 20 thousand dollars In benefits per year. Those are the facts. Spectrum is all smoke and mirrors don’t believe half the stuff they put out. Just like charging customers for internet speeds they cant produce. By the way also providing unskilled labor to service those customers living in the New York City franchise area. Just food for thought Time Warner cable has done business in this city negotiating with local 3 and its members for the Last 35 years. Spectrum buys Time Warner and within the first year there is a major labor dispute in NYC . Were to believe the union is the problem no sir Spectrum needs to pack up and go back were they came from.

  6. So I have friends who were going to go on strike in the Hunts Point market but they decided to take the wage increase and pay into their own benefits. They were happy with the wage increase but now they wish they would of went on strike. They are making less now because they are paying more into their benefits . I also forgot to mention that they cut their OT for weekends so you tell me who had the better deal of that bargain? Keep Fighting!!!! These S.O.B’s will pay sooner or later for all the damages they have caused.

  7. Unions suck… They are no longer necessary…All they do is collect dues and make the Union to brass rich…
    They are useless, and hinder progress.

  8. All you guys in the union i praise you. But unfortunatly you will not have jobs after this mock my words spectrum always wins . These fn a holes are in a kabal with elites . You will see i worked in CA for them with no rights as a worker fn c%ck suckers fired me because i was accused of stealing 50 dollars in quarters from a customers home WTF!?

  9. Talk to anyone that returned to work they will tell you benefits are good and better than union communicates…. How will everyone feel whenbthe company pays huge $$ to jib so everyone gets their pension? Strike was illigal… Does anyone think Lance did a good job negotiating??? If yes than I guess we got whatcwe paid for…. Everyone says company responsible but blind faith inbtge union….. please…… people are pissed because the gravy train is over and they need to actually work! Reflect onnwhats best for your family and future this week and years to come.

  10. As an almost 20 year user of Time Warner/Spectrum internet service, I have seen it all. But right now, in my home, Spectrum is providing me a superior broadband experience. Nothing short of excellent. Spectrum is making huge improvements across the country, NOT just in NY State. And Phillip and I shall agree to disagree. The AG is out to make a name for himself. So lets fine the crap out of a new business owner to possibly cause prices to go higher. I am signed up for Greenlight and they are another subject . I ordered service in July, 2015 ! I think that Phillip should do some research on exactly how Greenlight is doing business , or not doing business. But hey, you know what ? Spectrum is going to give me 200 Mbps eventually for a base speed. Greenlight can keep my $10 deposit for 100 Mbps. They have missed the boat and now Spectrum is catching up. When I can test at 118-120/12 all day long, including during prime time peak hours, why would I wish to change providers ?

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