June 6, 2011
By Stephanie West

Walmart’s Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs and Government Relations says that the company's politics were "relentlessly nonpartisan" during the 2008 presidential election.

But according to a new Walmart Watch report, Walmart's Political Action Committee and the Walton family continue to give overwhelmingly to Republicans. When Walmart's PAC has given to Democrats, it was to those Democrats who were more likely to vote against President Obama's agenda.

Walmart’s PAC and the Walton family continue to give overwhelmingly to the GOP.• The primary area of increasing support for Democratic Party candidates is among conservative Democrats in the House of Representatives.• Blue Dog Coalition Democrats and members of the Tea Party are over represented in Walmart PAC political giving while Progressive Caucus Democrats are significantly under represented.• Democrats supported by Walmart were much more likely to oppose key elements of President Obama’s political agenda.• At the state level, the company and family further wield their vast resources to undermine the interests of Walmart’s core customers (working families) and associates.

As Walmart's Shareholder Meeting approaches, now is the time to call on Walmart to let the public know the truth about its political giving.


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