Sean O’Brien, General President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, after a fierce battle and the very real threat of a strike, scored a momentous new contract for the 340,000 Teamsters who are UPS drivers. The contract pays these workers up to 170k including benefits, among other major gains. Naturally, drivers who are unrepresented by powerful unions such as the Teamsters, are looking at the new agreement with envy. Most earn just over minimum wage, and are independent contractors. The Teamsters seem to be using these workers’ reaction to their advantage; they want to organize Amazon drivers and warehouse workers, and as UPS drivers even go so far as to boast about their gains online, the word is out that the grass is most definitely greener on the union side.

Read the full story by Lisa Fickenscher for the New York Post, published September 25, 2023, here:


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