There were no breakthroughs in talks between the United Auto Workers and the Detroit Big Three after four days of a partial strike, which went into effect on Friday, September 15. Currently, under the direction of UAW President Shawn Fain, workers walked off the job in 3 plants, one each at GM, Ford, and Stellanis. The total number of striking union members is now about 13,000 at the three factories. The automakers are already striking back, so to speak, as Ford temporarily laid off 600 non-striking workers in Michigan. Ford said the workers couldn’t complete their jobs as they were dependent on the paint department, which was on strike. While President Biden is sending 2 top administration officials to Detroit this week to meet with both sides, experts are weighing in on the possible effects of a prolonged stand-off, saying new and used car prices could rise, and billions in wages and automaker earnings lost.

Read the full story by CBS News Moneywatch, published September 19, 2023, here:


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