“The Transport Workers Union continues to believe that workers and the flying public would be better served if JetBlue and Spirit remain separate carriers. Airline workers must have a seat at the table to ensure that major transactions like this do not undermine their rights and livelihoods.

While JetBlue management attempts to move forward with its acquisition of Spirit, the TWU will be working with government regulators, the carriers themselves, and other stakeholders to ensure that this deal protects jobs and actually benefits the public interest.

Until we see firm commitments, we oppose the deal entirely. Since JetBlue and Spirit already share a number of flight routes, a combined airline would likely be required to divest some of those routes. We have seen this many times before: another mega airline could lead to significant job cuts, reduced choices for consumers, and higher prices. The TWU represents workers at both JetBlue and Spirit and will be working hard to engage DOJ regulators to advocate for the interests of workers and consumers alike. We know that corporate management teams often put profit ahead of working people — it is up to the Transport Workers Union, other unions, and consumer advocate groups to hold both corporations and regulators accountable.”


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