New York, NY – COVID-19 is a serious threat to every Transportation Security Officer working at an airport. Providing these officers protective equipment is critical.

For months their union, the American Federation of Government Employees had been requesting needed equipment. AFGE wrote to TSA Administrator David Pekoske in January and asked the agency to respond to the emerging coronavirus threat. The union specifically requested N95 masks for every TSA officer. However, continual requests were ignored from January through March.

Since the pandemic, about 60 TSOs have tested positive for COVID-19 with dozens of their coworkers being forced to self-quarantine.

Finally, TSA has agreed to provide all TSO’S with N95 masks. Employees will be issued one respirator per work shift following completion of the training.

“It’s important for agencies to know that the CDC guidelines are a minimum requirement,” said AFGE National President Everett Kelley. 


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