The Triangle Factory Fire is commemorated annually by officials, union leaders, descendants of those workers who died in the tragedy, and others. It was a horrific event, but it also led to reforms for worker protection. 146 people died in the fire that swept the factory, some jumping out of windows to certain death, unable to escape through doors, as the owners had locked them to keep the mostly young women inside for uninterrupted tasks. Others died inside from smoke and flames. At that time, in 1911, fire ladders were not long enough to reach the top floors. Now, a new tribute has arisen, a stainless steel ribbon, and the art on it is acid-etched fabric patterns and textile items, that were created by the descendants of the workers and others. Many other significant works of art grace the creation, designed by architects Richard Joon Yoo and Uri Wegman.

Read the full story by Richard Khavkine for The Chief-Leader, published June 26, 2024, here:,52637?


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