Thousands of Tech Jobs Created in NYC Says Mayor Bloomberg

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

May 14, 2012

The following is part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s May 13th weekly WINS radio address  
“Our longstanding strategy of diversifying our economy to create jobs is paying big dividends. But you don’t have to take my word for it; two independent studies released last week confirmed that our media and technology industries are growing faster than they are in the rest of the country – and that’s produced tens of thousands of new jobs for New Yorkers.

“As the home to so many top publishing houses, newspapers, and broadcasters, we’ve long been the world’s media capital. And in recent years we’ve also seen a sharp increase in film and TV production. The Boston Consulting Group reports that in 2011, TV and film production here generated $7.1 billion worth of business – $2 billion more than in 2002. A big reason: Our efforts to support the expansion of soundstages and production companies and to make it easier than ever to film here. All told, TV and film production supports jobs for 130,000 people in our city today – which is 30,000 more than in 2004. And let’s remember: these are not just jobs for actors and production assistants – but for carpenters, caterers, musicians, electricians, drivers, and many other professionals.
“Our technology sector – which barely existed a decade ago – is experiencing even greater growth. In fact, a study by the Center for an Urban Future concluded that nearly 500 startups have launched in our city since 2007. We now trail only Silicon Valley as a hub for new technology companies. The Gilt Group, a shopping website for bargain hunters, epitomizes this growth. Five years ago, the company hired its first employee. Today, it employs more than 900, including 700 in the city.
“Bottom line: The future of our tech industry is bright – in no small part because we’re investing in our city as a great place to live and work, and also because we’re supporting entrepreneurs and spurring innovation. That’s exactly what technology initiatives like our annual ‘Big Apps’ competition are all about. It’s what our network of City-sponsored small business incubators support. And it’s what the new applied science campuses on Roosevelt Island and in Downtown Brooklyn are going to stimulate in the decades to come.
“When looking to future, we’re also focusing on the ones who will lead it – our children. The most important thing we can do for them is make sure they’re graduating from high school, ready to go to college or enter the working world. But they can’t learn if they don’t show up for class. That’s why last week we launched the largest public ad campaign in the nation. It’s designed to give parents more information about stopping chronic absenteeism. Our children need to stay in school – every student, every day. And with the help of this campaign, and the city’s parents, we can make that happen.


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