Women make up 51% of the world. Of these, 1 in 4 will suffer a pelvic health condition in their lifetime. For too long, women’s pelvic health has fallen under a conglomerate of care, often overlooked and dismissed by providers. On average, women wait 6.5 years to seek help for pelvic discomfort, due to stigma and embarrassment. 45% of women with chronic pelvic pain report reduced productivity. The problem is massive — and not all MSK vendors are equipped to provide adequate care.SWORD’s first-generation pelvic health solution, Bloom, is innovating women’s health by bringing together highly-precise sensor technology and clinical, virtual care.

100% of care through Bloom is offered by Pelvic Health Specialists (PHS), who work 1-1 with members to provide support for pelvic dysfunctions, including bladder leakage, pain with sex, and bowel disorders.

At Bloom, we understand that pelvic floor dysfunctions can occur alongside other health concerns, including MSK pain in the abdominals, hips, and back. This solution takes a discreet and personalized approach, and the PHS directly guides exercises for all areas of the body, based on individual needs. If candidates need additional medical assessment, the PHS escalates to in-network providers. The Bloom approach is clinical-grade and comprehensive, for women and individuals with vaginal anatomy to support them through every phase of life.

Together, Sword and Bloom have made a promise to provide only clinical-grade care to free millions of women from pelvic pain and dysfunction. For more information on how to support the women and mothers of your Fund with Bloom.

Contact us: Jerry Gallo (East) VP of Labor & Public Sector

To schedule a Sword demonstration, please contact: Destiny Guardado Senior Business Development Manager 

Jerry Gallo VP of Labor & Public Sector


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