By Erica Varlese

A feature story in the Daily News suggests that unions are lessening in number and power nationwide due to cumbersome work regulations.

Layoffs of 400 to 425 workers in the New York State Court System may lead to a process called “bumping,” where senior employees who’s positions were eliminated may take the positions of less experienced colleagues.

Blue Cross Blue Shield workers in Buffalo, NY have been on lockout since Tuesday and rejected the contract offered to them yesterday by the insurance giant.

Violations at a Buffalo, NY recycling factory resulted in a $61,000 fine from OSHA due to unsafe working conditions.

A new report from the Department of Labor reveals that consumers are paying increasingly more out of pocket for health insurance and the number is expected to continue to increase at an ever faster rate.  

New Jersey State workers dodged a potential moratorium on an employer sponsored benefits program that would have excluded new members from joining.

More Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week, pushing the number up to 429,000 the highest it has been since January.


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