By Erica Varlese

The contract for New York State workers expired this past March 31, but a new deal still hasn’t been agreed upon. Leaders are worried that the events in Wisconsin will give leeway for Cuomo to “look good” in comparison while cutting back on benefits.

The New York Times today reports that The Regional Plan Association, which advises real estate agencies and planning groups, believes cuts are needed for construction projects to continue. A 51 page report argues that since the union contracts with the city are slated to expire in June, there is an opportunity to slash the budget of the $25 billion industry and add more regulations while removing “obsolete” work rules.

The United Federation of Teachers and 1099/SEIU are planning for massive rallies on May 12th to protest bank bailouts and potential state budget cuts with an eye on the upcoming mayoral elections.

A new book will explore labor laws surrounding internships and the status of these highly competitive, yet often unpaid jobs.

As community members fight to keep Walmart out of New York City, Target has already established a strong presence in the area, prompting workers to start organizing.

The first of a four part series on the 500 plus teachers who have committed crimes and how regulations from the teacher’s union and Department of Education may have prevented their removal.

“Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg” feels that raising taxes for the wealthy will not help the national debt. Instead, he encourages budget cuts and states hikes are “too risky.”


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