Tell Bloomberg – We Stand With Elizabeth Warren

Bill de BlasioAugust 9, 2012
By NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio

On August 15, Mayor Mike Bloomberg will host a fundraiser for Republican Scott Brown — because Mayor Bloomberg said he supports Brown’s position on gun control.

But there are real differences between the two candidates. Elizabeth Warren has pledged to be a champion of gun control. Warren wants to restore the federal assault weapons bill that President Bush allowed to expire. And Scott Brown doesn’t.

Tell Mayor Bloomberg that you stand with Elizabeth Warren — and against assault weapons.

The Mayor has usually demonstrated exceptional judgment and leadership in the fight against gun violence. This time, he is making a mistake. By supporting Scott Brown, the Mayor is lending his credibility on the issue of gun control to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Scott Brown is going to use Mayor Bloomberg’s support to try and convince moderate voters that he’s right on the gun control issue. And then, if he’s re-elected, Brown is going to go back to Washington and refuse to stand up to the gun lobby once again.
Our Mayor needs to know that we support candidates who fight for real gun control reform. And Brown’s record just doesn’t cut it.


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