If any union can flex its muscles against the corporate greed which has been dominating our country for decades, it’s the Teamsters. With their UPS win fresh under their belt, they are already taking on a variety of injustices in the workplace. Amazon is their next big target, but along with that and a having a variety of other union-busting businesses in their crosshairs, they are now in Washington shedding light on a shady and misused practice that hurts all workers – corporate bankruptcies used to avoid responsibility for mismanagement. A special hearing was just held by the Senate Judiciary Committee on the subject. The Teamsters are front and center in wanting the laws changed since the Chapter 11 filing of the Yellow Corp., where nearly 500 Teamsters lost their jobs after the filing after numerous givebacks by the workers over the years.

Read the full story by Teamsters News, published September 19, 2023, here:


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