MEMPHIS, Tenn.—XPO Logistics announced Feb. 13 that it will close its Verizon warehouse here in June,teamsters telling the about 400 workers that it would terminate them in April because of “an overall business model change initiated and completed by our customer.” “XPO-Verizon workers believe that the closure is in retaliation for exposing sexual harassment and pregnancy discrimination at the facility,” responded the Teamsters Union, which has been trying to organize XPO workers around the country. “My coworkers and I stood up and exposed the terrible conditions at the XPO-Verizon facility in Memphis, including sexual harassment, dangerous heat, pregnancy discrimination, and worker abuses,” worker Lakeisha Nelson said in the union’s statement. “In return, XPO and Verizon are shutting down our facility and cutting our jobs.” Workers regularly carried 45-pound boxes in 100-degree heat, and the New York Times reported last October that several had had miscarriages after supervisors ignored doctor’s notes saying they needed lighter workloads. Ironically, the Teamsters noted, the closing was announced the same day the company proclaimed it would provide additional health benefits for workers or family members who are pregnant or have new babies. Read more


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