New York, NY – On this special edition of Stuck Nation Radio we talk to AFA-CWA President Sara Nelson, Teamsters Local 808 Secretary-Treasurer Chris Silvera, Civil Service Watchdog publisher Nelson Flores, and FDNY Lt. James McCarthy.

Part 1:  Sara Nelson, AFA-CWA interview. Amazon Labor Union update plus a wide ranging interview with Chris Silvera, long time Secretary Treasurer for Teamster Local 808, which represents MetroNorth track workers as well as building service workers at major residential complexes like Manhattan’s Stuyvesant Town. He reacts to Sara Nelson, AFA-CWA, call for revitalizing the American labor movement. If not now, when?  He shares what union leaders owe their members and the backstory of how his local got May 1 off as a paid holiday.

Part 2: Stuck Nation talks with Nelson Flores, long time former Teamster Local 237shop steward and publisher of the website of the Civil Service Watchdog. He explains how a perfect score on your civil service exam may not be enough to get that civil service slot and shares what you need to do to improve your odds of landing that public sector job. PLUS: How Unions Help Keep ALL workers safer with FDNY Lt. James McCarthy, president of the Uniformed Fire Officers Association, which represents FDNY Fire Officers. McCarthy describes the difference between the worker safety culture  on union construction sites as opposed to non-union ones that exploit undocumented and unrepresented workers.


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