New York, NY – On this episode of Stuck Nation Radio U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna talks about a ‘Better Deal’ for the nation, while Association of New Jersey Environmental Commission Executive Director Jennifer Coffey talks about the way the Garden State is — or isn’t — confronting climate chaos.

Segment A

Labor Press’s Bob Hennelly interviews California Representative Ro Khanna, who represents Silicon Valley and is the author of  “Dignity in a Digital Age-Making Tech Work for  All of Us.” In 368 pages Khanna lays out a coherent economic vision that offers a step by step program for how we can flip America’s wealth pyramid and in the process provide workers with a new voice at work. He argues persuasively that it’s possible to bring about a new sustainable and broad based prosperity even as we face the daunting challenges of climate change. You’ve heard of FDR’s New Deal — well Congressman Khanna has a ‘Better Deal’ and with our collective effort it may be attainable.

Segment B

Jennifer Coffey, the executive director of the Association of New Jersey’s Environmental Commissions, offers a sobering update of where New Jersey is in terms of addressing the climate change crisis. The Supreme Court’s sidelining the U.S. EPA from regulating the pollutants that cause climate change and Sen. Joe Manchin, the fossil fuel Senator from West Virginia, move to block President Biden’s climate change agenda. With coastal New Jersey expected to see at least foot rise in Atlantic Ocean levels by 2030, environmental activists are wondering if Gov. Murphy’s green agenda is paper thin. 


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