New York, NY – On this week’s edition of Stuck Nation Radio we talk to Lt. Governor candidate Ana Maria Archila ahead of the June 28 primary vote about workplace violence and the mass shooting in Buffalo; confronting the assault on reproductive rights; and more. 32BJ Vice-President Shirley Aldebol also discusses women’s rights through the lens of workers’ rights, as well as her union’s ongoing campaign to uplift fast food workers at Chipotle. IBT Local 553 member Andre Soleyn closes out the show with the latest on John Catsimatidis’ refusal to end the United Metro Oil strike. [Listen Below]

STUCK NATION RADIO May 16, 2022 – Part A: The Buffalo Supermarket Mass Casualty Shooting as part of a troubling trend of workplace murder that disproportionately impacts workers of color; why organized labor can’t afford to sit on the sidelines of the reproductive freedom struggle as Roe vs. Wade is overturned—Ana Maria Archila, Democratic candidate for New York State Lieutenant Governor, on these issues and what else is  at stake for workers in the upcoming June 28th primary. 

Part B: Veteran labor organizer Shirley Aldebol, a Vice President with 32 BJ SEIU, which represents 175,000 workers, explains the linkage between a woman’s right to choose and her labor rights plus provides an update on her union’s multifaceted worker led campaign against the fast food giant Chipotle for higher wages and better workplace health protections two years into a pandemic. Plus  A picket line update from Andre Soleyn, a proud member of Teamster Local 553. locked in a bitter strike against John Catsimatidis, the oil oligarch who owns United Metro Oil, Gristedes Supermarkets and  WABC Radio.


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