New York, NY – In the latest edition of Stuck Nation Radio, we interview Chris Smalls about his Amazon Labor Union’s breakthrough victory at Amazon’s Staten Island facility and what comes next for the grass roots effort. We also debrief Washington D.C. labor lawyer Robert DePriest about his work with the American Federation of Government Employees on a landmark class action law suit to win a hazard pay premium for potentially hundreds of thousands of front line federal workers.

Stuck Nation Radio also hears from Medicare4All campaigner Scott Desnoyers, about  why New York State’s labor unions should endorse the New York State Health Act. In 2019, Desnoyers son Daniel, who suffered from depression, committed suicide after he was denied his prescription for his condition because he missed a $20 premium payment. (Listen Below)

Part 1.

Stuck Nation Radio interviews Chris Smalls about his successful efforts to organize workers at Amazon’s Staten Island warehouse facility and Robert DePriest, outside counsel for the American Federation of Government Employees, makes the case for federal workers who could not work remotely to sign up for class action lawsuit for hazardous duty pay.


Part 2.

Scott Desnoyers, Medicare For All and New York Health Act activist. His son Daniel, who suffered from depression, committed suicide in 2019 after his prescription was not filled because he had missed a $20 health insurance premium. Desnoyers explores the debate within the labor movement over universal healthcare which some unions do support.


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