Save Long Island Bus

March 28, 2011
Jobs with Justice

Hundreds of LI Bus riders, advocates, and local community members attended the MTA Hearing at Hofstra University to demand that Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano and the Metro Transit Authority find a solution to continue LI Bus Service that many need in order to survive. Dozens of disabled riders spoke about how LI Bus gives them independence, and if the cuts to Able Ride occur, they will not be able to go to work, to local businesses, or to see their friends and family. Students spoke about how the loss of service will make them unable to get to their classes. LI Bus Drivers spoke about how driving for the MTA provides them with a good job that allows them to feed their families.

Despite the hundreds of Nassau County Residents who came out to speak at the Hearing, County Executive Ed Mangano was noticeably absent at the hearing. We need to let Nassau County know that cutting LI Bus is NOT an option, nor is privatizing!


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