Digital Musculoskeletal (MSK) Therapy can be one of the most critical pieces of the digital health landscape. MSK pain is a top 3 healthcare cost driver—more than cancer and mental health combined—so it can lead to some of the largest and most positive returns, for both Funds and members.

There’s huge value in recovering from pain and a way for Funds to manage the cost of doing so while securing a positive return. At Sword, we ensure your investment counts with a guaranteed 1.5:1 ROI. ROI is measured by self-reported intent for pursuing surgery, from 0 to 100, and translated into ROI according to the following formula: each 1% decrease in surgery intent corresponds to an estimated 1% savings on cost with surgery.

Sword Health has received Validation Institute Level 1 (Savings) and Level 2 certification. This means that the Validation Institute has performed an analysis of our direct, claims-based savings. That covers upfront healthcare costs that affect your Fund—chronic condition treatments, surgeries, injections, ER visits, and other procedures. The health economists at Validation Institute have determined that Sword delivers $2,472 in savings per member per year, and are willing to back up their analysis with a $25k guarantee. 

Why does this matter? We now have uncontested third-party certification which ensures we save money and improve health, outcomes, and cost. When seeking out digital solutions, it’s critical to lock down your choices with confidence — and choosing a solution that’s third-party verified will make a difference.

Sword is so confident in our ability to reduce MSK spending that we put 100% of our fees on the line. Taft-Hartley Funds that use Sword have seen up to 35% savings on MSK year over year.

Contact us: Jerry Gallo (East) VP of Labor & Public Sector

To schedule a Sword demonstration, please contact: Destiny Guardado Senior Business Development Manager 

Jerry Gallo VP of Labor & Public Sector


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