June 9, 2015
By Chirlane McCray, New York City First Lady

Chirlane McCray

New York, NY – More than two million New Yorkers depend on the rent regulations that are set to expire on June 15th. That's roughly a quarter of the population of the city who risk being priced out of their homes if Albany doesn't take action to protect affordable housing. Those two million people are single moms, first responders, seniors, and teachers. They are our neighbors, our friends, and our family members.

The State Assembly is standing up for those tenants; we need their partners in Albany to do the same. By truly strengthening the rent laws, they can help New Yorkers stay in their homes. And by passing a small tax on the sale of the most expensive homes in the city, Albany could help provide the precious resources we need to fund 37,000 affordable apartments — enough to house 95,000 more people.

This is personal for me. I came to New York in 1977 because this city was the most dynamic and inclusive city in the world. And we've got to keep it that way.

City Council Member Jumaane Williams and I joined housing advocates in Brooklyn Saturday morning June 6th to help prevent people from being pushed out of their homes and neighborhoods and even into shelters, away from their support systems. We know we must DEMAND that Albany strengthen rent regulations, to deliver the funds we need to build affordable housing, and safeguard New York as a city for everyone.


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