NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo has stepped into the line of fire in a six month labor dispute between IBEW Local 3 and Charter Communications/Spectrum. The workers, who are members of IBEW Local 3, were formerly employed by Time Warner Cable before the purchase by Charter, and have been working under an expired agreement.  Governor Andrew Cuomo told the striking employees that he is getting involved in this labor dispute until its settled. “We are going to demand respect for the skills and experience of the workforce. And we are going to demand fairness. Fairness for the worker’s contribution to the company. Fairness to the fact that without you, the CEO doesn’t make $98 million this year. And fairness in wages because the working men and women deserve their piece of the American pie also,” said Cuomo.

Charter is developing a reputation as a greedy corporation trying to undercut the  rights of working people. The company is refusing to negotiate in good faith while insisting on eliminating their workers pension and reducing health benefits. Its presenty being sued by State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for lying about their internet speed. Spectrum is also using subcontractors from other states in violation of the New York City Franchise Agreement.


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