New York, NY – The New York City District Council of Carpenters is looking forward to next month’s political races after all but one of the dozen candidates the union sees as essential for helping to realize a pro-union, pro-responsible development agenda in the New York State Assembly won their primary races.

The 20,000-member-strong union of nine locals says its endorsements went far beyond “press releases” and “social media graphics” and, instead, had “real teeth.”

In addition to backing Assembly candidates — incumbents and newcomers alike — with more than $65,000 in direct financial support, some 2,832 Carpenters knocked on doors and assisted in “poll site visibility.” More than 600 Carpenters turned out on election day alone, the NYCDCC reports.

The biggest Building Trades union in the city says it now intends to build on the effort with additional resources for the State Senate and Federal Elections.

The list of NYS Assembly candidates receiving NYCDCC support included the following:

  • Steven Raga, District 30
  • Emily Gallagher, District 50
  • Erik Dilan, District 54
  • Hercules Reid, District 58
  • Nikki Lucas, District 60
  • Grace Lee, District 65
  • Eddie Gibbs, District 68
  • Al Taylor, District 71
  • Manny de los Santos, District 72
  • Alex Bores, District 73
  • Tony Simone, District 75
  • Jeff Dinowitz, District 81

This past legislative session, the NYCDCC says, was one of its most successful ever and included the end of the 421-a tax abatement program, passage of the NYCHA trust, fixing a longstanding pension issue and more.


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