In a shocking development, a group of home health care workers in New York City began a hunger strike on March 20. The Chinese Staff and Workers’ Association, along with the “Ain’t I a Woman” coalition, are desperately trying to bring attention to the true nature of their job requirements. These workers, mostly women of color and immigrants, provide care for the ill and homebound, and seniors, and their job is grueling. Worst of all, often they are required to be on the job for 24-hour periods, with pay for only 13 hours, over a span of several days in a row. One worker, Shek Yuk Chee, said, “They’re not only robbing us of our money, they’re ruining us, our family lives, and our health.”

Read the full story by Jacob Buckner for People’s World, published March 20, 2024, here:


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