February 25, 2011
By Kismet Barksdale

At a news conference held on the steps of New York City Hall Jack Ahern, President of the NYC CLC (left) stated, “We are confronting an assault on labor that is so corrosive, so sweeping and so destructive that if allowed to succeed, it will roll back nearly a century of reforms in the American work place.”

Ahern said all of American labor is now focused on Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana where the future of collective bargaining is under attack. He was joined by Wisconsin labor leader Mark Maierle, President of IUOE Local 317 in Milwaukee, who stated, “The people standing here today are standing with us in Madison. Your show of support is a reminder that unions across America have built this country, protect our towns and villages and given all Americans access to the middle class dream.

The CLC President was joined by NYC union members, Denis Hughes, President of the NYS AFL-CIO, Michael Mulgrew, President, UFT and Secretary of the CLC, CLC Executive Board members, other labor leaders and elected officials.


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