July 21, 2015
Compiled By Steve Wishinia and Neal Tepel

GOPers are on the attack in N.C.
GOPers are on the attack in N.C.

The North Carolina Republican Party has launched a campaign accusing the Moral Mondays movement of being a front for out-of-state unions to enable vote fraud.

 "They want to make it easier to cheat in our elections," state GOP chair Hasan Harnett said July 13 in Winston-Salem. "They are being paid by unions to fight voter ID in North Carolina." The accusations came as a federal court began hearings on a lawsuit alleging that the state’s 2013 voting laws were intended to reduce turnout among Afro-American voters. Harnett also charged that “unions are paying people to protest on Moral Mondays,” based on a $1.2 million payment by the Service Employees International Union to a liberal nonprofit called Action NC. WRAL-TV in Raleigh rated that accusation as a “red light” on its fact-checking scale, as a statement “demonstrably false or unfounded.” The money actually went to cover payroll services for the Carolina Workers Organizing Committee, which has been organizing fast-food workers. Read more here



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