Over our proud 25-year history, MagnaCare has refreshed its brand a few times to reflect our evolution as a company. We believe we’re at the next inflection point in our history. We have a talented team totally committed and focused on Labor.

MagnaCare’s Michelle Zettergren.

We’re actively investing in our products, services, and brand to help us be the best partner we can be to our Labor clients. As part of that focus, we wanted an enhanced brand identity that celebrates our past and our future with Labor.  

New website

We are excited to announce that we are launching a new website, logo and branding for MagnaCare. Please visit our new website at and take a look! The new website celebrates our roots in Labor. It also presents our comprehensive product offering, to better reflect all the ways we can help Labor Funds meet their benefits goals.

Updated look

We also wanted a new logo that represents the uniqueness of each our customers, and conveys our desire to personalize our solutions for each Labor Fund. MagnaCare is known for its flexibility and customization. Just like how we work with our customers to build a health plan that is truly their own, our logo builds off a core service with additional elements that make it something unique and memorable. The letters are similar to those in our previous logo, but they are one-of-a-kind, just like our clients.

With you, for you

Thank you to all our clients who participated in our focus groups and surveys to help us better define our value proposition and arrive at our new logo. We are excited to share the new branding with our community. With MagnaCare, it’s more than business – it’s personal. We believe in providing superior customer service and superior value, with the personal touch and with products that meet our customers’ needs. Our new website, logo, and branding reflect this total commitment to Labor. It’s our way of showing how we will continue to work tirelessly to improve our services and provide Labor Funds and their members with the best-performing health plan at the most affordable prices. 

We appreciate the trust placed in us over the years by our Labor clients. Thank you for your partnership. We look forward to continuing to meet the needs of Labor and offering the best value in health care.


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