New York, NY – Members of the city’s unionized Building Trades, along with long-suffering nonunion construction workers, returned to the Terminal Warehouse redevelopment project at 261 11th Avenue in West Chelsea on Feb. 24, to press the fight against worker exploitation across New York City’s building industry. This time, they didn’t shut down 12th Avenue. But State Senator Jessica Ramos, chair of the Committee on Labor, did call out union pension funds involved in exploitative, nonunion development projects as “worker betrayal” — and blasted rich developers in this town for treating Black and Brown workers as “disposable.”


1 thought on “LP Quick Video: Unionized Building Trades, Nonunion Construction Workers Press Fight Against Greedy Developers”

  1. Hamilton Pagan

    The reason why S2766 has materialized, is because of the outrage of the unionist. i.e., It’s our roar that makes a difference. It’s our call/purpose /common denominator etc., that has moved politicians to realized the legitimacy of our emphatical case against the wrong. – The spirited driven trade union brothers/sisters [ unfortunately, there are too many of mundane & upside down union members that prefer to suck their thumb – instead of joining the ranks of the fight !] along with our staunch organizers [of all trades], have the momentum like the beating of a drum.

    I’m always thrilled with the showing of my union support. And I know that the more we have members showing up/support, the louder will be our message. ~ REAL DEAL

    Hamilton Pagan
    Cement & Concrete Workers Local Union 20

    LiUNA Strong

    GOD BLESS America

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