New York, NY – The attorneys, staff, clients, and friends of Cary Kane LLP are profoundly and deeply saddened by the passing of our colleague, co-managing partner, and co-founder, Larry Cary. Larry was a tenacious attorney for unions, benefit funds,

Larry Cary.

and working people for nearly 35 years and he was involved in the American labor movement for many years before he became a lawyer. Larry was devoted to his clients and their members, and always viewed his work as part of a larger struggle for justice for the working class. Larry made a difference in that struggle.

Larry was a preeminent practitioner who earned the respect of colleagues throughout the labor bar. He was also a mentor to many young lawyers, and for two decades he taught labor law and related subjects to workers and students. He once noted that judgment and skill are what distinguish an exceptional attorney: judgment to sense what is possible and skill as an advocate to hit the mark. Larry hit that mark time and again.

Larry was a dear friend, a supportive colleague and, until the end, maintained a wonderful sense of humor. We will miss him beyond measure. We extend our deepest sympathies to his wife Ann and to his sons Charles and William.

Due to concerns about the spread of Covid, a public memorial service has been delayed. We will send out a notification when we have more information.


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