Che Garibaldi Inc., owner of two Taqueria Garibaldi eateries in Sacramento, CA, and one in Roseville, recently stooped to a new low in worker intimidation. Hired by the company, a man impersonating a priest extracted worker “confessions”, largely about their actions on the job, but also about their personal conduct. The details of this operation are shocking, not only in its conception and execution, but by its betrayal of the religious beliefs of its targeted workers. One employee, Maria Parra, said that during her engagement with the imposter, the questions were strange and unlike any other real confessions she had previously experienced. The scheme was to find out about the so-called “sins” of the workers, meaning any intent or actions they might have taken to stand up for their rights; the company routinely violated the law in its dealings with employees.

Read the full story by Kevin J. Jones for the Catholic News Agency, published June 16, 2023, here:


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