June 9, 2011
Reprint, June 8, 2011, TWU Local 100

In the wilting heat of June 8, an upbeat and spirited group of Union members marched in front of the world’s largest store at Herald Square to make a very public statement about how Macy’s treats its workers. Local 1-S of the RWDSU/UFCW is trying to secure a new contract at the world famous emporium.

Macy’s wants to cut worker pay, cut staff positions, undermine seniority, and reduce pensions. Sound familiar? It should. With music provided by musicians local 802 that reflected the struggle of the working class, TWU members told the public that Macy’s should put “Pensions Before Parades” and treat workers fairly. Passing truckers blew horns in solidarity, and passersby gave workers shouts of approval. Macy’s workers in their uniform shirts came out to support those who are fighting to support them their union brothers and sisters. Said Local 100 Director of Organizing Charles Jenkins: “For a spirited crowd in the 90 degree heat, it was inspiring.” Now, let’s see if shoppers get behind the people who serve them at Macy’s, and if the department store keeps faith with its workers.


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